Jul 2, 2013

Back Again! But New Home!

So after almost 1 year of absence, I'm back! Thanks for your patience.
However, with my current life, maintaining this blog will take way too much time.
So let us give this a try:


I have already started uploading new captures at this Flickr account: if everything goes well, (not get deleted or violating any regulation) the update will continue over there!

And perhaps sometimes in the future I will also start migrating some of the previous materials over—since now I can upload them at a bigger size.

Please keep commenting and leave film suggestions!

Aug 11, 2012

Quick update

Thanks to an observing reader for pointing this out:

"...please check the function of your "search capped" feature. Even when I enter name that I know you have pictures of, for example Robert Mitchum, "No results" comes up."—Professor Moriarty

I have an work-around solution for this now: please use the search function on the Blogger's navigation bar, (upper left corner) it should work perfectly!