May 9, 2009

Everything here is found through my digging all over the net, 
as well as going by plain gut feeling, hoping delicious scenes
are hidden within some of the more obscure productions made in the past.

If you have a movie / TV episode suggestion that would be a great addition to the collection,
It would be great to leave me a note!

(This way I can spend less time watching useless materials and bringing you guys more hunks!



  1. Tom Hardy in Bronson. Should be easy as he spends 50% or more of the movie stripped to the waist or more. You'll either love or hate the movie, though.

  2. I could not, for the life of me find Adrian Paul's film "Premonition" aka "Convergence" anywhere. Not sure it's on Netflix now, but last time I checked it wasn't. Unsurprisingly crap film, but he had a nice pair of stache so if you can find it I'll owe you my first born.


  3. You would be hard pressed to find a better looking man then William Joyce, who, as a playboy writer in the craptacular "I Eat Your Skin" is often either shirtless or sporting a pair of tighter than tight pants, or both. It was featured last night on Elvira's Movie Macabre and I immediately thought of this blog as I have visited in the past. Available on DVD from Netflix.

  4. You asked on The Spencer's Mountain post about James MacArthur being shirtless in H5O. He was...a lot. Two eps that stand out are 'Uptight' from Season 1 and 'A thousand pardons, you're dead' from season 2. The season two ep is particularly outstanding.

  5. I absolutely love John Allen Nelson, and have already capped some of his work on Baywatch if you'd like me to send them to you. He was also in the TV series 24, and starred as Hunk Golden in the B movie Hunk.

  6. Can you please do beau bridges from the movie. Village of the. Giants? It's. From the year. 1965. Thank you

  7. I love your blog. Keep doing.

  8. I second both William "Bill" Joyce and John Allan Nelson (who has full frontal shots in "Criminal Passion"). Along the lines of "I Eat Your Skin" is "Blood Thirst" - a bad b/w horror movie with a very hot shirtless lead (Robert Winston).

    Also, I recall seeing a movie called "Fandango" a long time ago with a very young Kevin Costner both skinny dipping (I don't think it showed any frontal nudity) and later wearing nothing but tight jockey shorts and cowboy boots. I've seen it on TV with the nude swimming scene cut.

  9. How about getting screencaps of actor Alex Cord from TV Pilot Film: Genesis II. Circa 1974

  10. From this post


    Oh, i think he's amazing!

    Could you hlep me? i try to search this movie ( kiss of a stranger ) and i cant find anywhere on the internet. Not media share , not torrent :( ,even if amazon dosnt have it sell there.

    Since you can caps the movie, could you let me know the source you've used?

    Thank you so much for ur help!

  11. Hi Webmaster,
    I actually rented this DVD from Netflix awhile back... I see now they no longer carry it. It is unfortunate movies just disappear like this, there are so many of them I want to check out. Sorry I couldn't be much more of an assistance.

  12. Warren Beatty or Rod Taylor would be awesome.

  13. Charles Martin Smith from the Disney movie "Never Cry Wolf" Thanks!!

  14. Nicolas Cage from Wild At Heart, The Rock,Red Rock West, Honeymoon in Vegas, The Family Man and Adapatation


  15. Professor MoriartyJuly 8, 2012 at 5:45 AM

    Nice upper body development on these guys:
    Peter Wyngarde in "Burn Witch Burn" (1962) - Peter plays a very buff scientist. Nice muscles and hairy chest. He was a real life lover of the late actor Alan Bates at one time.

    Daniel Kruse in "Escape From Hell" (2000) In this Christian evangelistic film Daniel plays a doctor. Good looking guy. Good shots of his beautiful big pecs and hard abs. He still looks great from a recent Youtube video. Definitely a pussy magnet.

    Ken Clark in "Attack of the Giant Leeches" (1959) Tall Ken is the best thing about this turkey. Good shots of his muscles and lush hairy chest. I understand he was in movie "South Pacific"

  16. Professor MoriartyJuly 15, 2012 at 4:38 AM

    Michael Murpy in "Count Yorga Vampire" (1970) Tall and muscular stud

    George Nader in Robot Monster (1953) Hairy chested hunk

    Gunter Kleeman in I Spit On Your Grave (1978) Suspenders wearing sexy country hick

  17. I just saw your caps of William Holden in PICNIC. He made THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI the year before for which he supposedly refused to shave his chest hair. I principally remember seeing it in the Japanese bath house scene in which his family is embarrassed to share the bath with a Japanese family. I would love to find more examples of the hirsute Mr. Holden. One of a kind. Thanks for all your work, though I wish the caps were capable of being enlarged. Can't have everything, I guess.

  18. Professor MoriartyAugust 11, 2012 at 3:21 AM

    It's interesting how the media promotes certain guys as "sexy". For example George Clooney. I don't find anything sexy or appealing about him, especially his left wing politics. I'm glad we have Netflix and the retro TV channels where we can watch a number of truly sexy and long forgotten actors. I watched an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents the other night. It is called "Incident In a Small Jail" from 1961. On Youtube also. Very good. One of the actors is named Ron Nicholas who plays Deputy Sandy. Ron is a great looking guy with a nice body and definitely hot. He had a small part in an earlier episode in 1960 called "Letter of Credit". I'm interested in what became of him.