Oct 21, 2009

Robert Conrad in Columbo (1974)

Robert Conrad in Columbo (1974)
"An Exercise in Fatality" S4 , Ep1
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My first real man-crush must belong to Mr. Conrad, from all those hours watching "Wild Wild West" on television. He is charming, good looking, and not shy (nope, not at all) about showing off his torso. Almost every other episode I could watch his beautiful body on display.

(Good thing the whole "Wild Wild West" series is out on DVD, I should find time to re-live the happy memory.)

This guest appearance happens 5 year after the end of "Wild Wild West," and he is playing a character way over his actual age (the character's age is 52, to be exact.). But just look at that body! Buffer than his James West day, and I am not complaining one bit!

Oh, how I (heart) Robert Conrad, period.


  1. Bob is one of the greatest persons you'll ever meet . His straigth forward , honest, sincere and compasionate . he will never give you the " DA LING " treatment a la gabor , but when gives you his hand in friendship, you can take it to the bank . Jess DeCristo